Mobile Imaging Facilities


Ellis & Watts was the first manufacturer to introduce mobile medical facilities to the US market. With over 1,000 shipped since then, Ellis & Watts has enjoyed a long history of producing high quality and reliable mobile and transportable/relocatable units. Many of those products are reaching the end of their useful life, and owners are in the process of upgrading their imaging equipment and mobile facilities that house them.

Ellis & Watts has teamed with Lamboo Mobile Medical, a global leader specializing in engineering and manufacturing mobile and modular healthcare solutions. Together, the companies engineer and manufacture patented mobile medical imaging facilities that have been proven for over 15 years in markets around the world. Positive customer experience with Lamboo products in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Africa has resulted in a strong preference for the Lamboo offering and led some customers with North American operations to request an in-region, Lamboo solution.

The offering leverages a broad range of system certifications, including imaging products from OEMs like GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba.

“Lamboo, powered by Ellis & Watts” mobile facilities incorporate panels that utilize a patented sandwich construction backed by a 5-year warranty.

The mobile enclosure is comprised of - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • a closed-cell foam design, similar to that used in the aerospace industry, to enable operation in ambient temperatures from -40F to +125F
  • up to 14 layers of materials, including shielding, contained in one, continuous panel
  • seamless side- and top-wall construction that eliminates exposed fasteners

The design approach results in an enclosure that is stronger, lighter, better insulated, easier to clean and more aesthetically pleasing that other mobile imaging enclosures.

As a result, the complete mobile imaging solution - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • protects from water entrainment and corrosion
  • reduces service intervals
  • extends product life
  • reduces transportation, operating, and service costs

The offering for the US and Canada currently focuses on mobile MRI, PET/CT, and CT facilities. For over 40 years, Ellis & Watts has offered support, OEM parts, and service for the lifecycle of these products.

Other special and optional features - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • custom graphics on exterior and interior
  • faucet and sink
  • custom cabinetry
  • site-specific features
  • fire suppression system