Air Filtration Systems

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Ellis & Watts designs, qualifies, manufactures, and tests air cleaning systems for high efficiency contaminant control. The systems can be engineered to remove particulate and gaseous contaminants to meet comfort, health or process requirements.

Ellis & Watts Filtration and Air Cleaning System capabilities include capture and/or control of chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants.

Specific areas of expertise include - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • moisture separation to eliminate entrained water from the air, conforming to MSAR 71-45
  • pre-heaters to reduce the relative humidity of the air prior to entering the filters
  • prefilters up to MERV 16
  • HEPA filters with efficiency of 99.97% or 99.99%
  • Carbon Adsorbent Gaseous Phase Filters including:
    • Type II (Tray Type) adsorbers for quick change out
    • Type III (Fill-In-Place or Gasketless) adsorbers to ensure zero air bypass; Depth options are available to balance cost and change-out frequency
    • Type IV (1″ or 2″ V-bank) adsorbers for quick change out; these are ideal for use with Bag-In/Bag-Out systems
    • integral test canisters for periodic laboratory analysis to determine change frequency
  • welded construction to ensure leak-tight performance
  • various housing thickness and insulation types
  • analog, relay-based controls to address qualification, cyber security, or EMI/RFI concerns or digital control systems

Unique Ellis & Watts Air Cleaning System designs can include - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • custom dimensions and component selection to ensure consistent system performance
  • operation in extreme ambient temperatures
  • system operating pressures up to 30 inches w.g.
  • various materials of construction to optimize structural integrity, corrosion resistance, weight, and cost
  • engineered to meet stringent air leakage requirements
  • seismic qualification per IEEE 344
  • environmental qualification per IEEE 323
  • hazardous duty applications (explosion proof)
  • portable or mobile applications, including shock and vibration isolation
  • factory performance testing to document compliance and assure proper operation
  • modular construction to address transportation, jobsite rigging, and installation constraints

Ellis & Watts understands that some projects require strict code compliance and has the demonstrated ability to conform to the following codes, among others - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • ASME NQA-1
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • ASME N509
  • ASME N510
  • Moisture Separators to ASME AG-1 Section FA
  • Filters to ASME AG-1 Section FB & FC
  • Type II Adsorbers to ASME AG-1 Section FD
  • Type III Adsorbers to ASME AG-1 Section FE
  • Activated Carbon to ASME AG-1 Section FF
  • Filter Mounting Frames to ASME AG-1 Section FG
  • Type IV Adsorbers to ASME AG-1 Section FH
  • Fans to ASME AG-1 Section BA
  • Motors to ASME AG-1, IEEE 323, IEEE 334, IEEE 344, and NEMA MG-1
  • Motor wiring to IEEE 383
  • Motor insulation to IEEE 117
  • Dampers to ASME AG-1 Section DA
  • UL 555 for Smoke and Fire Dampers
  • Damper Actuators to IEEE 382
  • Housing to ASME AG-1 Section HA
  • Instrumentation to ASME AG-1 Section IA
  • Compliance to IEEE 7-4.3.2 Standard Criteria for Digital Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • Compliance to IEEE 603 Standard Criteria for Safety Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Systems
  • Compliance to IEEE 1012 Standard for Software Verification and Validation

Past projects in which Ellis & Watts successfully met stringent air cleaning compliance requirements include - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • V.C. Summer NPP – USA
  • Vogtle NPP – USA