E & W Global designs and manufactures a wide range of custom products such as:
• Nuclear HVAC
• ASME Code Vessels
• Military Shelters
• Environmental Control Units
• Blast Resistant Doors

Our Products


  • E & W Global designs and manufactures custom Safety-Related and Non-Safety-Related HVAC Systems, including Air Conditioners, Air Filtration Systems, Air Handling Units, Air Heating and Cooling Systems, Chillers, Fans, Motors, Dampers, Electric Heaters and various other components in accordance with applicable nuclear codes and standards including ASME AG-1, ASME Section III and ASME Section VIII Codes. E & W Global's Quality Program is in full compliance with ASME NQA-1. Over the past 20 years, while other manufacturers abandoned the market, E & W Global continued to supply Safety & Non-Safety equipment to new plants including seven nuclear power plants in South Korea, two plants in China, two plants in Taiwan and one in Romania. We also supplied equipment for the fissile material storage facility in Russia and other nuclear facilities , as well as operating nuclear power plants.


  • E & W Global is a major supplier to the defense and communications industries. E & W Global manufactures deployable shelters that are custom designed for specific needs including: expandable shelters, simulators, classroom training and electronics. E & W Global also manufactures environmental control units (ECU), custom liquid to liquid (LTL) and liquid to air (LTA) heat exchangers, chillers, pressurizer/dehydrators and dielectric fluid coolers; all of which can be designed for low and/or high ambient operation utilizing various coolants, including FC-77, Coolanol, DI water or Glycol. This equipment can be designed to resist electromagnetic interference (RFI), withstand shock & vibration loads and operate in corrosive/salt laden environments. NBC protection can be provided as an option.


  • In addition to industrial HVAC equipment, E & W Global provides our customers with various custom designed products, test loops and systems unavailable from other manufacturers. E&W Global's experience and expertise provide the most cost-effective solutions to meet customer needs. We utilize pre-designed modules when applicable to provide the best value. E & W Global manufactures pressure vessels for various industrial, chemical processing and nuclear applications. Our pressure vessels are designed and constructed to the stringent requirements of ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes, Section III or Section VIII. E&W Global hold Certificate of Authorizations from ASME for Section III and Section VIII; “N”, “NA”, “NPT”, “NS”, “U”, and “UM”. From NBBI, E&W holds an “R” Certification. E & W Global also custom designs and manufactures radiation shield doors, blast doors and blast gates for nuclear, chemical demilitarization, and homeland security applications.


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