ASME Section VIII & Section III Vessels

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Ellis & Watts designs, qualifies, manufactures, and tests ASME Section VIII & Section III pressure vessels and heat exchangers for demanding processes applications.

Vessels are custom designed for superior reliability and durability.

They can be designed with - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • a very wide range of cooling or heating capacities
  • with numerous materials of construction
  • for ambient temperatures from -65F up to +250F
  • with shock and/or vibration construction
  • explosion proofing

Vessels and heat exchangers can be provided with - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • ASME Section VIII – U Stamp
  • ASME Section III – N, NPT, NA, & NS Stamps
  • National Board – N and R
  • ASME AG-1 compliance
  • ASME NQA-1 compliance
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B compliance

Pressure vessel and heat exchanger reliability and safety are confirmed through - CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST

  • a factory functional test
  • a factory performance test
  • a factory hydrostatic or pneumatic leak test