About Us

Founded in 1952, Ellis & Watts Global Industries specializes in engineering and manufacturing safety- and non-safety-related HVAC, portable structures, heat transfer, ASME Section III, and barrier systems for nuclear power, military, aerospace, hazardous waste processing, research laboratory, and medical imaging applications. We offer complete custom flexibility on systems, components, and spare parts engineered for critical performance in harsh environments, and we are committed to servicing them for life. Ellis & Watts participates on multiple ASME nuclear committees to ensure up-to date code compliance. We operate under a robust quality program that is ISO 9001 registered, meets the demanding requirements of ASME NQA-1, and is approved by NUPIC and NIAC. In addition, Ellis & Watts systems are performance tested to ensure safe and reliable operation.

We are backed by the strength and integrity of Marmon and Berkshire Hathaway. Recognized as the design authority for equipment, structures and specialty components required to deliver critical performance in some of the harshest environments, Ellis & Watts has developed the reputation of delivering well designed, highly reliable products that deliver performance in complex applications and conditions.
We are well versed in the regulatory driven industries and very experienced in the documentation and processes that help keep our clients compliant and enable them to meet stringent performance thresholds.
Our parts and service expertise is there to support your installation through the product lifetime.
Our Team has hundreds of years of combined experience designing and delivering custom products, structures and component products for your critical system application.

The Ellis & Watts team is vigorously committed to helping the industry develop and implement the codes and standards that govern these critical performance systems, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), and the Institute of Electronical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE). Further, we have extensive experience developing products and components to meet stringent US Military, research, and medical imaging standards.

Based in Batavia, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati, our products are all designed and manufactured in our 175,000 square foot facility.

Ellis & Watts means mission-critical engineering.
Nuclear-grade safety.
Medical-grade quality.
Military-grade durability.

We work to the highest standards on projects that are anything but standard.


Ellis & Watts Global Industries, Inc.
4400 Glen Willow Lake Lane
Batavia, OH 45103 USA
A subsidiary of Marmon, a Berkshire Hathaway company